Monday, March 1, 2010

Our Kids

                 This is Shelby ( at 8 months) and Beau (at 7 weeks). They're full-bred Beagles and just like kids to us! I'm sure you'll hear about them a TON! They are actually brother and sister just from different litters and about 6 months apart. We got Shelby because I was "baby hungry" and I was surprised to learn how much as puppies they really are just like babies! And we got Beau because we knew when we moved Shelby would get really lonely. They just lOvE playing together! 

Maybe I'll get better at this blogging thing..

Ok so we FINALLY got in to our own house! Happy day! It's about time, after almost a year and a half of marriage! I will try to post pictures soon, maybe once we're a little more organized, but I do want to get better about blogging. Not that we have much to blog about so you might just hear about our dogs a lot since they're pretty much our kids. : ) 
If any of you have suggestions or advice on blogging I would love to hear it! i want to learn to customize and how to follow other people's blog.. 
I have been working on my first quilt, a denim quilt, with much thanks to Lauren for taking time out to help me! It's almost done, we just tied it this weekend! It's been a lot of fun and very rewarding! Between getting in to scrap booking and learning to cross stitch, I've become quite crafty! Kagan can't ever tell me I need a hobby again. ; ) Now mine keep me busier than his do him!